Tomohiko Inui

Professor, Preparatory Office for the Faculty of International Social Studies at Gakushuin University

Tomohiko Inui is a Professor at Preparatory Office for the Faculty of International Social Studies, Gakushuin University and a Faculty Fellow at the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry. His research expertise covers productivity analysis, international economics, health economics, educational economics, and the Chinese economy. Prior to his current position, he was formerly a Director at the Statistics Commission Office, Cabinet Office (2009-2012); a Faculty Member at the College of Economics, Nihon University (2000-2014); and an Officer at the Development Bank of Japan (1985-2000). He earned his M.A. in Economics from the Graduate School of Economics, Johns Hopkins University in 1990. He has published extensively on topics such as productivity analysis of Japanese firms, the effects of privatisation on Chinese state-owned enterprises, health economics including the effects of birth weight on long term outcomes, and various other papers in his line of expertise. He has recently published his papers in Economic Inquiry, Review of World Economics, Japan and the World Economy, Journal of Japanese and International Economics, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, Economic Letters, and Contemporary Economic Policy.