DP1586 Empirics for Growth and Distribution: Stratification, Polarization, and Convergence Clubs

Author(s): Danny Quah
Publication Date: March 1997
Keyword(s): Conditioning, Convergence, Distribution Dynamics, Income Distribution, Inequality, Space, Trade, Twin Peaks
JEL(s): C13, C33, F43, O30
Programme Areas: International Macroeconomics
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This paper studies cross-country patterns of economic growth from the viewpoint of income distribution dynamics. Such a perspective raises new empirical and theoretical issues in growth analysis: the profound empirical regularity is an ?emerging twin peaks? in the cross-sectional distribution, not simple patterns of convergence or divergence. The theoretical problems raised concern interaction patterns among sub-groups of economies, not only problems of a single economy?s accumulating factor inputs and technology for growth.