3rd Workshop on “Globalization and Workforce Composition”

October 7th, 2024 

University Paris-Dauphine 


Within the ANR project “Globalization and Workforce composition” (GloWorN), we organize a yearly workshop on the labor market consequences of globalization shocks. The goal of this workshop is to promote the awareness of ongoing research on the effect of globalization shocks on the workforce composition firms and local labor markets. Previous editions of the workshop have included researchers at many different stages of their careers. The atmosphere is informal and lively, characterized by audience participation. This year invited speakers are: 

David Hummels (Purdue), John Mclaren (U. Virginia) and Peter Schott (Yale and CEPR). 




The workshop will begin at 9am and will continue through 5.30pm. We anticipate having a total of 8 presentations. Each session will be 45min. long, with 35-40 minutes going to the presentation, and the remaining time to be used for open discussion. 



Papers should be submitted by sending an email at: [email protected]. Deadline for submission is May 10th, 2024. Decisions will be notified by mid-June 2024 at the latest. Thanks to ANR fundings there are not submission fees. Participants will have to cover hotel and travel expenses themselves. 


Contact: Gianluca Orefice (University Paris-Dauphine), [email protected] Previous editions: workshop?authuser=0