Geoeconomics RPN
Research Policy Network (RPNs)


Project lead

Moritz Schularick

President Kiel Institute For The World Economy; Professor of economics Sciences Po Paris; Director & Professor of Economics University Of Bonn

The global economic order is undergoing a fundamental transformation. The globalization paradigm has given way to new perspectives on the benefits and risks of economic interdependence as well as the geopolitical and security implications of market integration. The world is moving away from a rules-based system where economic integration was seen as an end in itself to one where geopolitical considerations increasingly dictate policy decisions and the extent of economic openness.

The Geoeconomics RPN will focus on these new challenges in a comprehensive way. The main goal of this network is to generate, coordinate and disseminate policy-relevant academic research on these questions, to develop a more precise understanding of geo-economic strategies and to foster the dialogue between academics and policy makers, working at the intersection of geopolitics and economics.

The RPN will address the concept of economic security in a world where strategic players exploit economic and financial vulnerabilities (“choke points”). Researchers will study how international economic policies can be used to achieve geopolitical, security and foreign policy goals and aim to quantify these vulnerabilities and the economic costs of potential disruptions of supply chains, production networks, financial networks, technology and market access. Other topics include the potential consequences of deglobalization for macroeconomic outcomes, as well as the effects of growing geopolitical risks and wars on growth and development, as well as on inflation, interest rates, and asset returns and the geography of capital flows.

The Geoeconomics RPN will bring together leading researchers and policymakers interested in these questions. Its main aim is to learn, discuss with each other, and produce new knowledge that can be shared with policymakers and the general public – via research papers, webinars, policy reports and columns on

The Kiel Institute will host the new Geoeconomics RPN in a new office in Berlin, with regular events, policy interaction, and an international visitors program for top scholars doing research on the topic. This new push will complement and strengthen the Kiel-based Geopolitics and Economics Initiative founded last year. Sciences Po is a strategic partner in these initiatives, but we are keen to develop institutional ties beyond the Franco-German sphere.

Events and Output

The Geoeconomics RPN will host an annual RPN network conference, building upon the success of the Kiel-CEPR Geopolitcs & Economics conference of September 2022. The inaugural conference of the RPN is planned on November 30/December 1 2023 in Berlin. The RPN will also aim to organize one smaller spring workshop with a focus on younger scholars. The RPN plans to organize a geoeconomics webinar in cooperation with other international institutions. The RPN and its members will produce VoxColumns and CEPR Discussion Papers.

Geoeconomics and International Lending & Sovereign Debt RPNs Session at the CEPR Paris Symposium 2023

On Tuesday, 12 December, 14:30 - 15:30 (Paris time), the Geoeconomics and International Lending & Sovereign Debt RPNs held a joint Session during the CEPR Paris Symposium 2023.


Steering Committee

Christoph Trebesch

Director of Research Area "International Finance and Macroeconomics" Kiel Institute For The World Economy; Professor of Economics Kiel University


Sandeep Baliga

John L and Helen Kellogg Professor of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences and Director, Initiative on Conflict and Cooperation, Ford Center for Global Citizenship Northwestern University

RPN Member, Geoeconomics

Antoine Bouet

Professor of Economics Bordeaux School of Economics (BSE), University of Bordeaux; Director Cepii

RPN Member, Geoeconomics

Fernando Broner

Adjunct Professor Barcelona School Of Economics; Senior Researcher Centre De Recerca En Economia Internacional (CREI); Adjunct Professor Pompeu Fabra University

Nicole Deitelhoff

Professor of International Relations and Theories of Global Orders

RPN Member, Geoeconomics

Barry Eichengreen

George C. Pardee and Helen N. Pardee Professor of Economics and Political Science University Of California, Berkeley

Gabriel Felbermayr

Director Austrian Institute of Economic Research; President Kiel Institute For The World Economy; Professor Kiel University; Professor

RPN Member, Geoeconomics

Linda S. Goldberg

Senior Vice President and Financial Research Advisor Federal Reserve Bank Of New York

Julian Hinz

Assistant Professor in International Economics Bielefeld University; Researcher Kiel Institute For The World Economy

RPN Member, Geoeconomics

Matteo Iacoviello

Senior Associate Director, Division of the International Finance of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

RPN Member, Geoeconomics

Matteo Maggiori

Moghadam Family Professor of Finance in the Graduate School of Business Stanford University

Alexey Makarin

Assistant Professor of Applied Economics MIT Sloan School of Management

Alberto Martín

Senior Researcher Centre De Recerca En Economia Internacional (CREI); Senior Adviser, DG Research European Central Bank; Research Professor ICREA-Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Barcelona School of Economics

Arnaud Mehl

Adviser in the International Policy Analysis Division European Central Bank

Fellow, International Macroeconomics and Finance / RPN Member, Geoeconomics

Josefin Meyer

Postdoc German Institute For Economic Research; Research Fellow Kiel Institute For The World Economy

Benjamin Moll

Professor of Economics London School Of Economics And Political Science

Fellow, Monetary Economics and Fluctuations / Fellow, Macroeconomics and Growth / RPN Member, Geoeconomics

Massimo Morelli

Professor of Political Science and Economics, Director of the Research Unit Pericles in the Baffi Carefin Center Bocconi University

Nicholas Mulder

Assistant Professor of History and Milstein Faculty Fellow Cornell University

RPN Member, Geoeconomics

Loriana Pelizzon

Full Professor and Chair of Law and Finance Goethe University Frankfurt; Department Director of "Financial Markets" and Coordinator of Gender Equality Leibniz Institute For Financial Research (SAFE)

Nancy Qian

James J. O'Connor Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences at Kellogg MEDS Northwestern University

Fellow, Development Economics / Fellow, Political Economy / RPN Member, Preventing Conflict: Policies for Peace / RPN Member, Geoeconomics

Lucrezia Reichlin

Fellow British Academy; Fellow Econometric Society; Trustee IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation; Professor of Economics London Business School

Dominic Rohner

Co-Director of the Department of Economics and Professor of Economics Hec Lausanne

Feodora Teti

Research Affiliate Cesifo; Junior Research Group Leader ifo Institute; Assistant Professor (non-tenure) Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich (LMU)

Mathias Thoenig

Professor of Economics at the School of Business and Economics Hec Lausanne; Centenary Visiting Professor of PPE at the Department of Economics University Of Oxford

Isabel Vansteenkiste

Visiting professor College Of Europe; Director General for International and European Relations European Central Bank

RPN Member, European Economic Policy / RPN Member, Geoeconomics

Beatrice Weder Di Mauro

President Centre for Economic Policy Research; Professor of International Economics Geneva Graduate Institute (IHEID); Visiting Professor Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society INSEAD

CEPR President / RPN Member, Sustainable Finance / RPN Member, European Economic Policy / RPN Member, International Lending and Sovereign Debt / RPN Member, Geoeconomics