Discussion Meeting

World Bank's Global Economic Prospects: Subdued Growth, Multiple Challenges

The event, jointly organised by the Centre for Finance and Development (CFD), the World Bank, and the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), will discuss the main findings of the report, assessing prospects and risks for the global economy.

January 2024 Global Economic Prospects report

Subdued Growth, Multiple Challenges

Raising investment growth is a critical objective for emerging market and developing economies. They have significant investment needs to enable them to deliver sustainable and inclusive growth, cope with climate change, and make progress toward broader development goals. Yet without significant policy action, investment growth in these economies is likely to remain tepid for the remainder of this decade. But it can be boosted. The report offers the first global analysis of what it will take to generate a sustained investment boom, drawing from the experience of many countries over the past seven decades. The presentation will also cover the World Bank’s near-term global outlook, policies, and risks.


  • Ayhan Kose, Deputy Chief Economist, World Bank Group and CEPR

  • Ralph Ossa, Chief Economist and Director, Economic Research and Statistics Division, World Trade Organization and CEPR

  • Maria Dimitriadou, (Opening remarks), World Bank Special Representative to the UN and the WTO and Head of the World Bank Geneva Office

  • Nathan Sussman (Moderator), Full Professor, International Economics & Pictet Chair in Finance and Development, and Director, Centre for Finance and Development and CEPR