CEPR Discussion Papers 16 February 2020: Seventeen new Discussion Papers

A new CEPR study by Anne-Laure Delatte, Adrien Matray and Noémie Pinardon-Touati finds that private banks in France may be motivated by the possibility of future benefits to distort their supply of credit to the local economy, so as to curry favor with powerful politicians during election years.

Weekly research highlights from CEPR and VoxEU.org

A new CEPR study by Marco Terrones, Ayhan Kose and Naotaka Sugawara sheds new light on the characteristics of global recessions with a focus on the 2009 downturn.

CEPR Discussion Papers 09 February 2020: 19 new Discussion Papers

CEPR is delighted to announce that Philippe Martin will join CEPR's leadership team as the fourth Vice President, looking after CEPR's presence in Europe.

Weekly research highlights from CEPR and VoxEU.org

A CEPR study by Maurice Obstfeld, former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), explores the concept of ‘globalisation cycles’ in the wake of the failure of the global economy to return to pre-trauma normalcy. 

CEPR Discussion Papers 02 February 2020: 25 new Discussion Papers

€-coin returned to levels last recorded in February 2019, rising from 0.16 in December to 0.25 in January, while continuing to point to modest growth in the euro area, as it has since the start of 2019