Barbara Baarsma

CEO at Rabobank Amsterdam, Professor of Applied Economics at University Of Amsterdam

Barbara Baarsma is CEO of Rabobank Amsterdam, taking up the post on 1 January 2019. From 2016 to 2019 she was the Director of Knowledge Development at Rabobank. In this capacity she was responsible for the Rabobank-wide knowledge agenda and organization. Alongside her work at Rabobank, Barbara Baarsma is Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Amsterdam. She is also the chair of the Bank Council of the Dutch Central Bank (Bankraad van DNB), a member of the Corporate Governance Code Monitoring Committee (Monitoring Commissie Corporate Governance Code), the Dutch Enterprise Committee (Nederlands Comité voor Ondernemerschap) and the Advisory Council for the Short Chains Taskforce (Taskforce Korte Keten). Barbara is also a member of the board of the Dutch Alzheimer’s Society (Stichting Alzheimer) and from April 2012 to the summer of 2019 she was the Crown-appointed member of the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (Sociaal-Economische Raad, SER).