Eline Van den Broek-Altenburg

Dr. van den Broek-Altenburg is Assistant Professor of Radiology and Vice-Chair for Population Health Science at the University of Vermont Medical Center. She holds a Ph.D. in Health Services Research with cognates in Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Economics (2018), a MSc in Public Health (2014), a post-MA degree in Journalism (2008) and a MA in Political Science (2003). Her research focuses on modelling demand for health care services, patient-centered value assessment, physician decision-making, and evaluating effects of value-based payment reform. Over the last decade and a half, Dr. van den Broek-Altenburg has led efforts to develop standardized quantitative measures to compare health systems and assess health system performance. In her current position, she leads HSR efforts at UVMMC collaborating with clinicians, researchers and IT seeking to improve the infrastructure for data usage for research and QI purposes, facilitating quantitative analysis and ML projects. She founded U-Ridge, a consulting group providing services as virtual chief science officer, research development, market access and health system evaluations. She also serves as commissioner for a health care organization. Since the global outbreak of COVID-19, Dr. van den Broek-Altenburg has contributed to a number of population health studies, including one identifying factors that may increase or decrease the risk of infection, an international study analyzing COVID-19 vaccine preferences, and international studies gathering behavioral epidemiology data documenting the impact of the crisis on individuals, both in health, financial and psychological terms.