Frederick Van Der Ploeg

Professor of Economics at University Of Oxford

Professor of Economics at the University of Oxford, having previously been an academic at the University of Cambridge (1977-1983), London School of Economics (1983-1988), Tilburg University (1985-1991) and the European University Institute, Florence (1988, 2003-7), a Chief Financial Spokesperson in the Dutch Parliament (1994-98), a State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science (1998-2002) and an elected member of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee (2003-7). Currently, also affiliated with CEPR and CESifo. Although most of his work has been on macroeconomics and public finance, he currently works on the economics of climate change and on natural resources with side interests in higher education reform and economics of art and culture. He earned his Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Cambridge.