Marcos Chamon

Senior Economist, Systemic Issues Division, Research Department at International Monetary Fund

Marcos Chamon is Deputy Division Chief of the Systemic Issues Division of the Research Department at the IMF. He was previously the Mission Chief for Guyana in the Western Hemisphere Department. His work covers a wide range of topics on international finance, including problems related to sovereign debt restructuring, debt composition and liability denomination, currency mismatches, and international financial architecture. His work also includes vulnerability assessment in emerging markets and advanced economies, consumption and savings, distributional implications of exchange rate movements, the emerging market policy responses to the global financial crisis, the design of capital controls and macroprudential policies, and monetary policy and foreign exchange intervention in emerging markets. He was a visiting professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in the fall of 2007. He obtained a PhD in economics from Harvard University in 2003.