Povilas Lastauskas

Assistant Professor in Applied Macroeconomic Analysis at Queen Mary University Of London, Bye-Fellow in Economics, Homerton College at University Of Cambridge

Povilas Lastauskas holds MPhil and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Cambridge (Trinity College and Faculty of Economics) and a diploma in Advanced Studies Program in International Economic Policy Research from Kiel Institute for the World Economy. Prior to joining the Queen Mary University of London and Homerton College, Cambridge, he held a permanent directorship position at the Center for Excellence in Finance and Economic Research at the Bank of Lithuania. Povilas initiated economics education reform in Lithuania by creating a novel undergraduate degree (Quantitative Economics) and contributing to the Ph.D. program’s overhaul. In addition, he co-founded Baltic Economic Association, served on the ECB’s monetary policy review working group, and acted as an expert in OECD missions. Before central banking, Povilas was a director of studies in economics and economics lecturer at a few colleges at the University of Cambridge. Povilas attracted large research grants funded by the governments of Poland and Lithuania, the European Social Fund, and European Economic Area (EEA) States (Iceland and Liechtenstein) and Norway. His research explores the impacts of globalization, trade shocks, sanctions, and policies on firms, households, and aggregate economies. He is particularly interested in quantifying the spillover effects of economic policies. Povilas serves as an Associate Editor of Open Economies Review.