In November €-coin rose to 0.84 (from 0.72 in October), returning to a level similar to that recorded in April 2007.
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This new CEPR eBook considers whether the German approach to policymaking, based on evidence and rules, can be harmonised with other national strategies in an attempt to overcome some of the European Union's biggest problems.
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In October €-coin stood at 0.72, remaining essentially stable at the high level reached in September (0.71), after increasing for four consecutive months.
Congratulations to CEPR Trustee, Diane Coyle and CEPR Research Fellow Jonathan Haskel for being appointed as winners in the first ever Indigo Economics Prize for their works on re-imagining GDP and sustainability.
Contrary to what standard models would suggest, in the last decade inflation has remained low and stable - despite the economy's experience of the worst recession since the Great Depression. The 19th Geneva Report on the World Economy examines the theories of why inflation has taken this path, and deduces it to be a combination of good policy and good luck.