The decline in the indicator mainly reflects a softening in business confidence, although confidence remains at high levels

Mathias Dewatripont discusses the myriad obstacles faced by European countries in their drive to vaccinate populations against Covid-19, and details the lessons – positive and negative – of the process so far. 

CEPR is delighted and excited to announce a major expansion of its activities and reach, with the opening of its new Paris office

There is often an urgent need for humanitarian assistance in low-income countries. But how can it be targeted efficiently and quickly?

Weekly research highlights from CEPR and 

Ralph Koijen is awarded the 20th edition of the Bernácer Prize for his influential research on the pricing of risk in equity and insurance markets.

This year’s Gossen Prize is awarded to Florian Scheuer for his outstanding work on tax theory and related areas of finance and applied microeconomics.

CEPR Discussion Papers 26 September 2021: 17 new Discussion Papers

Weekly research highlights from CEPR and 

CEPR Discussion Papers 19 September 2021: 24 new Discussion Papers