A new eBook from CEPR and the Korea Institute of Finance (KIF) discusses the major challenges that await societies across the world related to climate change, inequality, digitalisation, and the undermining of democracy.

Inflation reduces economic welfare by distorting demand. But what is the inflation rate that minimises these distortions?

New CEPR/LTI Report by Victoria Ivashina expands on the dynamics at play that shape the development of the global private equity industry and its interaction with the interest rate environment.

Weekly research highlights from CEPR and VoxEU.org 

CEPR Vice-President, Philippe Martin, has been appointed Dean of the School of Public Affairs, Sciences Po

CEPR Discussion Papers 20 February 2022: 23 new Discussion Papers

A recent experiment in Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine attempted to overcome deep-seated prejudice against the LGBT community using information. 

Weekly research highlights from CEPR and VoxEU.org