Weekly research highlights from CEPR and VoxEU.org 

€-coin decreases in April but continues to signal an expansion

A new CEPR study by Monica Martinez-Bravo and Andreas Stegmann evaluates how the disclosure of the vaccine ruse in Pakistan and the subsequent anti-vaccine propaganda campaign affected immunisation rates and other forms of health seeking behaviour.

CEPR Discussion Papers 2 May 2021: 24 new Discussion Papers

Per Krusell, Eliana La Ferrara, Lucrezia Reichlin and Manuel Trajtenberg announced as 2021 Foreign Honorary Members of the American Economic Association (AEA).

The seventy-seventh issue of CEPR's new online publication for the rapid dissemination of emerging scholarly work on the Covid19 epidemic has now been published.

Weekly research highlights from CEPR and VoxEU.org 

A CEPR study by Katarzyna Bilicka, Yaxuan Qi and Jing Xing analyses how multinational firms reallocate real operations and debt across their affiliates in response to anti-tax avoidance policies, with a focus on the United Kingdom. 

A new CEPR eBook edited by Ingo Borchert and L. Alan Winters assesses the growing challenges for trade policymaking that the increase in digital trade, including digitally enabled services, are creating worldwide. 

CEPR Discussion Papers 25 April 2021: 22 new Discussion Papers