The CEPR Network on Household Finance has awarded its second prize for the best student paper in household finance presented at a network conference to Julio Galvez from the Center for Monetary and Financial Studies (CEMFI). The purpose of the prize is to recognise academic excellence and potential of young researchers engaged in household finance, as well as their contribution to the field at an early career stage.
"Face-to-Face Communication in Organisations", a paper by Diego Battiston, Jordi Blanes i Vidal, and Tom Kirchmaier is awarded the 2017 CEPR Prize for Outstanding Research in Organisation and Management.
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In September €-coin rose to 0.71 from 0.67 in August, increasing for the fourth consecutive month.
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Every month CEPR offers one of its latest Discussion Papers free for download. The free paper for August 2017 is "A Central Bank's Optimal Balance Sheet Size?" by Charles A Goodhart
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