In April, the €-coin indicator fell for the second consecutive month, to 0.67 from 0.72 in March, nonetheless remaining at a cyclically high level.
CEPR Discussion Papers 23 April 2017
CEPR Discussion Papers 16 April 2017
Dave Donaldson wins the 2017 John Bates-Clark Medal for a significant contribution to economics, presented by the American Economics Association
Silvana Tenreyro has been appointed Co-Chair of Economic Policy
CEPR Discussion Papers 9 April 2017
CEPR Discussion Papers 2 April 2017
After nine consecutive increases the €-coin indicator recorded a slight reduction in March (falling to 0.72 from 0.75 in February), but remains at cyclically high levels.
Regardless of what one may think of the decision, the fact is that, in 2016, the British people and parliament voted to leave the EU. In a short thought-piece, we suggest that the time is ripe for the UK government to embrace a new trade and development agenda that demonstrates that post-Brexit Britain is a bold, confident, outward-looking country ready to play a key role on the world stage.
CEPR Discussion Papers 26 March 2017