The first economist profiled this year, in the CEPR/UBS 'Women in Economics' series, is CEPR Fellow Stephanie Schmitt Grohé

CEPR Discussion Papers 07 March 2021: 36 new Discussion Papers

Weekly research highlights from CEPR and 

A CEPR study by José-Luis Cruz and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg uses an integrated assessment model with rich spatial data that looks at interactions between regions to show how the effects of global warming on production and migration are large, worrying, and unequal.

In February, €-coin was practically unchanged at 0.96 (from 0.99 in January), confirming the gradual recovery of the underlying trend in the euro area’s economy

CEPR Discussion Papers 28 February 2021: 28 new Discussion Papers

Weekly research highlights from CEPR and 

The seventieth issue of CEPR's new online publication for the rapid dissemination of emerging scholarly work on the Covid19 epidemic has now been published.

Recent coverage by Le Monde uses CEPR research by Anne-Laure Delatte and colleagues to shed light on the global geography of international tax avoidance with a particular focus on Luxembourg, the controversial tax haven at the heart of Europe. 

A new CEPR eBook edited by Simeon Djankov, Ugo Panizza and Rabah Arezki examines the economic effects of the COVID-19 in Africa, covering a wide array of topics focusing on the response of firms, households, governments & international organizations.