CEPR is seeking candidates for three new positions based in our Paris office

As an economy develops, more women take jobs outside the home. To what extent is this change happening in Africa, what factors slow this transformation down, and what could encourage it?

CEPR Discussion Papers 16 January 2022: 39 new Discussion Papers

The Chinese government isn't just a world leader in the use of AI for facial recognition, its orders are funding innovation in its domestic industry too.

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Six CEPR Researchers receive EU funding 

Does the law of one price hold when we order wine in a restaurant? A team of dedicated economists has analysed more than 900 wine lists to find out.

CEPR Research Fellow Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas appointed IMF Economic Counsellor and Head of Research Department

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Are the differences between what men and women like decided at birth, or do we learn to prefer different things?