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New VoxTalks podcast series: Climate Finance

A new series of VoxTalk podcasts will showcase leading thinkers on Climate Finance. Episodes will cover new research in academia, developments in public policy and private capital markets at the intersection of climate and finance.

VoxTalks Climate Finance seeks to play a formative role in covering the debates at the frontiers of the field that will shape the future of finance when it comes to climate. Hosted by Alissa Kleinnijenhuis and Tim Phillips, episodes will provide a platform for the debates that must be had to make finance integral to the sustainable climate solution. In the introductory episode, Tim and Alissa talk to members of the committee to ask them the question: Whither Climate Finance? We discuss where climate finance should go from here to be most valuable for society. The committee members will be helping to select topics and speakers for the series, discuss the big debates at the frontier of climate finance that coming episodes will seek to shape and cover.

The VoxTalks Climate Finance committee consists of: Viral Acharya, Patrick Bolton, Stefano Giglio, Alissa Kleinnijenhuis, Dirk Schoenmaker, and Beatrice Weder di Mauro

"Continuing VoxEU's tradition of helping to bridge between academic research and public policy and practice, VoxTalks Climate Finance promises to be an exciting series. It will feature leading global thinkers in climate change and its implications for the economy, the markets, and central banking, and thereby contribute to intellectual debate and wisdom around climate transition and how to surmount the attendant challenges in policy design and implementation."  - Viral Acharya

"There is growing interest in academia and among practitioners in the climate change implications for finance. The transition to a carbon free economy will necessarily involve the financial industry. The growing urgency of the carbon transition is raising the stakes for the new field of climate finance. The VoxTalks Climate Finance series is helping spread the word on the latest developments and research. It brings together some of the leading scholars and policy makers, providing an accessible, up to date, and engaging introduction into the most salient topics." - Patrick Bolton

"Climate finance is an area where academic research, the industry, and policymakers can have a major impact on the world, by working together towards the common goal of a climate transition. The Vox Climate Finance podcast series offers a new space to share and exchange insights from these different viewpoints, diving into the many intricate issues in this field, and presenting the latest knowledge on key climate finance topics to the broader public. " - Stefano Giglio

"The window of action to avert the worst consequences of climate change is rapidly closing. VoxTalks Climate Finance seeks to play a formative role in covering the debates at the frontiers of the field that will shape the future of finance when it comes to climate." - Alissa Kleinnijenhuis

"Given the climate urgency, it is high time to step up climate finance from public and private sources. I trust that the VoxTalks Climate Finance can contribute to that. We need in particular to step up climate finance for developing countries, where it is needed most." - Dirk Schoenmaker