Martin Ellison is Professor of Economics at the University of Oxford and Professorial Fellow of Nuffield College. He specialises in macroeconomics and has a particular interest in monetary policy, having worked previously as a Consultant for the Bank of England and as a Professor at the University of Warwick. Professor Ellison has been on the editorial board of Economic Journal, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking and Oxford Economic Papers. He is fluent in Finnish and Italian following postgraduate studies abroad, obtaining a doctorate from the European University Institute (Florence) in 2001 and other degrees from the University of Oxford, the University of Oulu and the University of Liverpool. His research interests cover many areas of theoretical and applied macroeconomics, with recent papers concentrating on the management of the UK National Debt, the role that leaving the gold standard played in ending the Great Depression, and the economic value of increases in longevity. He has published academic papers in American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, Journal of Monetary Economics, Journal of the European Economic Association, Economic Journal and Nature Aging, and contributed to a volume of readings “Debt and Entanglements Between the Wars” by the IMF.