Marco Buti and George Papaconstantinou explain why the Covid policy response is different to previous crises and describe how the pandemic will shape future European Integration. 

The seventy-sixth issue of CEPR's new online publication for the rapid dissemination of emerging scholarly work on the Covid19 epidemic has now been published.

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CEPR's VoxEU Debate on reforming EU Economic Policy and Architecture after Covid

This year’s Schumpeter-Haberler Distinguished Fellow title is conferred on Richard Baldwin, Esther Duflo, Gita Gopinath and Guido Tabellini. IEA Fellow title awarded to Sonia Bhalotra and Maitreesh Ghatak.

CEPR Discussion Papers 18 April 2021: 24 new Discussion Papers

A CEPR study by Jorge Alé-Chilet, Cuicui Chen, Jing Li and Mathias Reynaert examines the welfare effects of the alleged collusion by the three German automakers to reduce the size of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tanks, an emission control technology used to comply with air pollution standards.

Weekly research highlights from CEPR and 

CEPR Discussion Papers 11 April 2021: 20 new Discussion Papers

The Spring 2021 Economic Policy Panel Meeting will be held online on 15 and 16 April and the papers presented will focus on ‘The Economics of Covid-19’.