In the UK around 1 million workers have so-called zero-hours contracts. Does this mean that gig-economy workers are being exploited, or do they expand flexible working?

CEPR Discussion Papers 13 February 2022: 18 new Discussion Papers

One of the most remarkable achievements of the French Revolution for ordinary people was the reorganisation of local government.

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Philippe Aghion awarded the Erasmus Medal of the Academia Europaea

The 24th Geneva Report addresses these growing concerns over the levels of debt in the world today and offers expert analysis on what it portends. 

How much do economic downturns affect the amount of energy we use and the source of that energy? New research suggests that the shock from Covid-19 might create a permanent increase in our use of renewable sources.

CEPR Discussion Papers 30 January 2022: 38 new Discussion Papers

In January the level of €-coin was below the forecast

Since the GFC the UK has used innovative macroprudential and monetary policy tools to maintain stability. But the UK is an international financial centre, and so does this policy framework create spillovers in other places, and do influences from elsewhere affect stability in the UK?