Erlend Nier

Deputy Division Chief, IMF’s Monetary and Capital Markets Department at International Monetary Fund

Dr Erlend W. Nier is a Deputy Division Chief with the IMF’s Monetary and Capital Markets Department. In his position with the IMF, Erlend Nier covers monetary and macroprudential policy to achieve stability goals in advanced and emerging economies, including institutional arrangements for the use of these tools. Prior to joining the IMF he was Research Manager with the Bank of England’s Financial Stability Directorate, leading research and policy work in areas such as bank transparency and market discipline, the ‘procyclicality’ of capital requirements under Basel II, liquidity and liquidity regulation, and public policy in clearing and settlement systems. Erlend Nier has published his research work in official publications as well as a number of academic journals, including the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, the Journal of Financial Intermediation, the Journal of International Money and Finance, the Journal of Banking and Finance and the Journal of Financial Stability. He is a co-editor and author of a book on the The Economics of Large-value Payments and Settlement, published by Oxford University Press. Erlend Nier holds a PhD from the London School of Economics.